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“In my experience the best decisions are always taken by the men with the best information”

--Benjamin Disraeli.

SR Market Research is a leading market research organization. In a short span of time, we have secured powerful presence as a customized quantitative as well as qualitative market research service provider.

Incorporated in 2007, SR Market Research has severed some of the who’s who in the corporate world. At SR Market Research, our sole mission is to provide accurate, effective, and cost effective market research solutions to businesses and organizations. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, corporate houses, leading consulting and research firms, and other public and private organizations worldwide.

Effective market research demands meticulous understanding, an eye to detail, and perfect implementation of research methodologies of data collection, tabulation, coding and analysis. The vast pool of qualified and experienced professionals and domain experts enable us to offer world class market and social research services at very competitive rates.

With the help of cutting edge tools and technologies, our professionals ensure greater authenticity and timely completion of the projects. SR Market Research is committed to follow the established protocols in market research and routinely leverages market research experts and latest methods and technologies to maximize the value delivered to its clients, while simultaneously minimizing overall cost.

At SR Market Research, our market research experts consistently remain in touch with clients, right form the planning, field data collection and necessary amendments to final completion of the project. As a result we are able to deliver high quality and accurate research analysis that ensure better market insights, timely delivery and cost effective solutions.

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